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Gym Etiquette 101: 5 Fashion Faux Pas

This may seem trite, but high up on my list of pet peeves concerning gym etiquette is what people wear at the gym.

What does what I wear to the gym have to do with exercise?

A lot. Not only does what you wear at the gym tell me oodles about who you are as a person, it tells me even more about how you are going to conduct yourself on the gym floor.

When implements weighing as much as 3x my bodyweight are being pushed, pulled, thrown and dropped on the floor around me and my clients, I’m always overly cautious and judgmental of people who wear (or don’t wear) the following items:

#1 Jeans

3 jeans working outCasual Friday?

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How We Lost 10 lbs Last Week: The Return of Lean

Last week we regaled you with stories about how we crudely debauched our way to 10 lbs of weight gain in a week.

sumo suit

Through our cautionary tale you should have gleaned some ideas about what not to do, and some ideas about how to live a healthier life whilst partying like it’s 1999.

Now we’re going to tell you how we peeled all that weight off in a week. This installment will be a bit more technical, but all the juicy secrets to weight gain, weight loss, and avoiding weight gain are in here, so stay with us and take home some weight loss life lessons.
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