Annnnnnnd, we’re back!

Whoa. Long time no see.

Normally we would say there is no reason for such tardy behavior, but we feel like we have a pretty good excuse for our major hiatus…



For those of you who do not already know, we got married on September 13th!!!


for more wedding porn click here

In addition, our friends got married (and Eric officiated their wedding, which it turns out is both an incredible honor and a nerve shredding responsibility)…


Eric, much more relaxed after a few drinks. Don’t be judge-y.

…AND one of our clients, Shari, had her 3rd daughter!


Shari, her husband Nicholas, and baby Selene / Shari and Nicholas’ three beautiful girls

Baby Selene made it to our wedding and was unperturbed by the people and the noise.
photo 5

We can’t say for sure, but we think it had something to do with this:

Shari training during her 1st trimester
(training while pregnant, not for wimps)

…and maybe this:

Shari training into her 3rd trimester
(training while pregnant, still not for wimps)

We also went to some killer seminars & conferences, including the first collaboration between Strong First and Functional Movement Systems. You’d be hard pressed to find better teachers than Gray Cook and Brett Jones. Eric even got some hands-on coaching from the man himself:

Gray coaching Eric

That being said we wanted you all to know that we haven’t abandoned our blog.


We’ve got some great stuff lined up for you this fall and it all begins with a new series we are calling ‘Mr. & Mrs. Diet Food’.


For years our friends have been dying to know how two tiny people can consume such copious amounts of food. ‘Mr. & Mrs. Diet Food’ will be a Bergmann Fitness series that will prove eating healthy isn’t all about eating small portions of boring grilled chicken and steamed broccoli. (Though there will sometimes be both chicken and broccoli.)


We won’t be bombarding you with cooking techniques or recipes (at least not right now).

This will be more of a food-spiration catalog of our outrageously large yet surprisingly healthy meals. Mostly there will be photos, ingredient lists, information on PH balance of different foods, flavor profiles, how to get the most nutritional bang for your buck out of your food, and other weird stuff like that. The series will help make sense of how to indulge without expanding.

We’ve also got some other great topics in the article hopper such as a new Gym Etiquette article, musing on preparedness and preparation, and the much anticipated continuation of Beth’s exploration of using coconut oil for virtually everything. (No, she somehow still does not work for coconut oil.)

So, if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, please do so. It’s gonna be a crazy year.

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