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How We Lost 10 lbs Last Week: The Return of Lean

Last week we regaled you with stories about how we crudely debauched our way to 10 lbs of weight gain in a week.

sumo suit

Through our cautionary tale you should have gleaned some ideas about what not to do, and some ideas about how to live a healthier life whilst partying like it’s 1999.

Now we’re going to tell you how we peeled all that weight off in a week. This installment will be a bit more technical, but all the juicy secrets to weight gain, weight loss, and avoiding weight gain are in here, so stay with us and take home some weight loss life lessons.
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8 Epiphanies from 2013, Part II

If you’re looking for Part I you can check it out here.

6) The gap between fitness and rehab is closing rapidly.

Some are happy about this. Some are not. But, the fact of the matter is that the gap is closing.

That said, the vast majority of fitness professionals know nothing about successful rehab… or fitness. Terrifyingly, the same is true for medical professionals. Too many people are waiving around pieces of paper they got in a classroom while rocking a terrifying 80% failure rate (if they even know what their failure rate is).

More fitness pros are learning to get and keep people out of pain, and more medical pros are using better techniques and discharge criteria. We need this. But we also need more cooperation between the fields and less complaining about who is stepping on whose toes. Hopefully we got into these fields to improve the lives of those we work with, not to line our pockets (and if you got into fitness or rehab to line your pocket, you have dubious math skills).

gansta fail
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8 Epiphanies from 2013, Part I

I learned a lot this year. These are the things that are most likely to haunt my nightmares:

1) People still choose exercises that are useless or injurious, or perform exercises such that they become useless or injurious. Many of those people are fitness “professionals.”

Beth and I moved recently. As a result, we had to give up our beloved rusty barbell club and join a big box gym. It… is… terrifying.

Sit-ups, crunches, supermans, rounded back deadlifts, squats with valgus knee position… people do these things?

His chiropractor must be on speed dial.

His chiropractor must be on speed dial

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The Lazy Man’s Guide to Fat Loss: 7 Steps to Absolute Greatness

I’d rather work smarter than work harder. Some people will say that that makes me lazy. Preposterous. No lazy man has ever devoted so much effort to applying so little effort.

I can go on forever about fat loss — tactics, training programs, eating strategies, and so forth. But, because everyone keeps asking for a short version, below is my super-secret primer for lazy fat loss.
Top Secret Cow
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Looking back, looking forward.

Beth and Eric Engaged With 2013 rapidly coming to a close, we have so much to look back on and be proud of, as well as some things we’d like to improve on.

We entered into some exciting projects earlier this year, including our fledgling Dance Repair Shop program. However, when we think back on 2013 we will inevitably remember it as the year we (finally) got engaged.
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