Client Spotlight

Michael Novak:

Michael Novak_Paul Taylor_Allen BirnbachAs a professional modern dancer in New York City, I am constantly pushing myself to new artistic and athletic limits. It’s a really awesome job – dancing and traveling the world – but staying in shape throughout the year, overcoming injuries, and eating well can be quite the matrix to figure out. For years, I tried to build cross-training “recipes” that complimented my rigorous rehearsing and performing schedule, but none of them were successful. Eventually, I realized I needed a trainer, someone who could analyze my needs, prioritize my goals, and help me monitor when “too much” was too much.
I also wanted someone who was wicked smart and insightful, but also fun and down-to-earth. When I met Eric and Beth for an assessment and I knew instantly I hit the jackpot.
Frankly, Eric and Beth are rock-stars. They are detail orientated, positive (if not outright hilarious), super motivating, intelligent, and have an remarkable understanding of the human body. They streamlined my workouts to make me stronger; helped me understand injuries as they arose and adapt my workouts accordingly; and built a nutrition plan that fed my muscles, sustained my energy, and helped me get snatched.
Micael Novak 2
I noticed the difference. My friends and family noticed. (Heck, even the critics noticed.)
And it felt awesome.
And this was all in just four months.
I am looking so forward to the year ahead and wondering where we’ll be after a full twelve months of sessions and workouts. Training with them is honestly one of the best decisions of my career. I couldn’t be more grateful. Proud to say that I’m #bodybybergmannfitness.

Photos by the talented Allen Birnbach.

Lauren Adams:

Lauren Adams TestimonialAs a dancer and choreographer my body is my instrument. For years I’ve looked to Beth and Eric Bergmann of Bergmann Fitness for expert advice. Just before competing in a ballroom dance competition that I had trained for, for over a year, I started having consistent problems with my ankle. I was also having a tough time keeping my stamina up in practice rounds.
After one thorough and comprehensive session with Beth and Eric they were able to connect the dots and design a realistic program for me that not only got my endurance to where I needed it to be safely and comfortably, but I completely credit them with rehabilitating my ankle. Beth and Eric are intuitive, thoughtful, and passionate. They have dedicated their lives to helping others feel well, and I am fortunate to be one of their many loyal followers. Thank you, Beth and Eric!

Shari Loeffler:

I began training with Beth nearly four years ago and added Eric to the mix roughly 2 years ago. I am an extremely picky exercise-a-holic and wouldn’t trust my training regimen to anyone else. I’ve never met two people that are so knowledgeable about the human body, its functions and what type of exercises are required to strengthen, tone and rehabilitate areas that need improvement. They keep me injury-free and work on any areas that may be headed toward trouble. As a result of the functional training movements & patterns incorporated in every session, I have been able to continue an extremely aggressive schedule of athletic endeavors (15-20 hours per week) without any problems.

Shari Testimonial Photosphotos by: Sara Beth Turner

I’ve also been lucky enough to train with Bergmann Fitness for 2 out of my 3 pregnancies. As my pregnancies progressed, so did their thoughtful consideration toward the training approach. From the types of stretches we incorporated; to working my core, glutes, hamstrings; to my postural alignment and stabilization. At 7 months pregnant, I am still able to deadlift 215lbs for reps and clearly that’s a direct result of the methodology Eric & Beth use in their training sessions. Post-pregnancy, they helped me bounce back and got me into the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE (even prior to having kids). Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I could have a “six-pack” or get down to 12% body fat…but their belief in me and their inspirational, fun and supportive training methodology got me hooked and made me believe it could happen, and it did.

In total I’ve lost close to 100 Ibs with Bergmann fitness throughout the years.

Sept 2010-Nov 2010 lost 25lbs (post-pregnancy weight from my first child that I could not lose)

SharifitSept 2012-Jan 2013 lost approx 50lbs (after having lost 20lbs from my second child in the 6 months prior)

April 2013-May 2013 was able to drop from 17% body fat to 12% for a fitness photoshoot

Nov 2013-present training hard throughout my 3rd pregnancy with little to no impact on my strength & stamina

Clearly I’m a huge fan of Bergmann Fitness. With Beth’s dance background and Eric’s vast knowledge of how every muscle, joint & bone work in the body – they have created a truly unique functional training program that will elevate any fitness level, from beginner to pro-athlete. I thoroughly look forward to every session and have FUN and LAUGH as they kick my ass week after week.

GingerGinger Foley:

I’ve been training with Eric since 2010 and our sessions never get old! He is enthusiastic (even at 6:30 in the morning), knowledgeable, patient and supportive. With his encouragement I turned 50 in the best shape of my life! Eric thinks through his sessions well in advance so that they are smart, effective and tailored to my personal goals. I am a stronger person physically and mentally because of Eric and even after all these years I am still learning something new at every session. (Oh, he is really funny too!)

Dana Arbib:dana

Beth is a great trainer because of her ballet experience. She really pays attention to your own body alignment and specific functionality. She is very sensitive to the fact that not every body moves in the same way and makes sure that what you are doing under her care does not injure you in any way. She is also the one person who got me in the best shape of my life! I adore her.

Cindy Salgado:

Beth and I went to the Juilliard SchoolCindyandStatue to train in the dance department together. She has always surprised me by how disciplined, meticulous, and thoughtful she could be both as a dancer and as the Managing Director for Artists Striving To End Poverty in the years following our graduation. Her decision to team up with the incredibly knowledgeable and eager Eric Bergmann has been a huge gift to dancers throughout our community.

When Eric gave me my initial consultation I was deeply grateful for how much time and detail he put into a thorough analysis of my injuries and my physical strengths and weaknesses in general. Each session followed with the same amount of time and care. I feel confident that they both strive to make a lasting change and educate their clients so that the long term result is injury prevention and overall good health. Even the best doctors I’ve been to have not spent that much time breaking down the problem for me to better understand or training me in a well rounded way. I believe that I could be basically pain free if I continue to see Beth and Eric and develop a good training plan despite the strain I put on my body as a professional dancer. There are not many people who care about the dance community while constantly gathering more information to understand the body in all its brilliance and challenges the way Beth and Eric do. What they offer is truly unique.

Dan Pfeffer:

Eric is one of the most Danknowledgable and passionate trainers you will ever meet. From the very first session he was already thinking through strategies that were specific to me and my body. I’ve not only had great workouts with Eric but I have also endlessly picked his brain about all aspects of health, nutrition and physical fitness. I’ve lost weight, toned up, learned to eat better and all around feel incredible since I started working with Eric. He has really opened my eyes to so much about health & fitness it makes me wonder where I’d be without him. In a nutshell he’s the best… Hands down!

Katie O’Connor:

KatieI have only been working with Beth for about 6 months, but let me start by saying that she is AMAZING. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and motivating, but she’s also always willing to go the extra mile. Beth takes the time to really get to know her clients, and she tweaks every session so you get the best results. She makes every session fun and interesting. She’s given me ways to implement exercise into my everyday routine, and has given me about a million tips on how to alter my diet without it feeling like I’m giving something up. In the past 6 months I’ve seen more changes in my body and my health than I ever have before. Beth has literally changed my life, and in the process has become a very close friend. Choosing Beth as my trainer is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Angelique Max:

Signing up with Eric was one of theangelique-max best things I have ever done! Eric is extremely motivating and encouraging and makes each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding. He was also able to determine exercises and weights that I could handle and has helped me achieve my goals so far. He is not only professional and knowledgeable about exercise, movement, and anatomy but he also has an incredible energy and spirit. It is a true pleasure spending 1 hour, 2-3 x a week with him, I highly recommended Eric without hesitation!

Ida & David Parks:

My husband and I are privileged to be able to work with both Beth and Eric. They each offer different perspectives, training and knowledge that have helped to increase our fitness level and core strength. They are a synergistic combination, as they complement each other so well and confer with each other constantly to come up with the best exercises for each of us as individuals. davidandida

Beth and Eric have worked very hard with my husband, David, to strengthen his core, back, shoulders and lower body to enable him to play golf regularly despite having Back Issues.  David is currently sub-clinical and playing golf year-round with more strength and flexibility than before his injury thanks to Bergmann Fitness.  

They are both passionate about what they do and continually work to learn the latest advancements and techniques that can help all of their clients.  They are kind, supportive, creative and very educated in how the body works and they are keen observers of how your body is moving through an exercise and will adjust you as necessary.  I, myself, have had various physical issues that they have helped me work through and conquer. I love listening to Eric talk to himself as he tries to figure out what exactly is going on in the body at any particular moment, especially when there is a problem.

We have come to rely on them as health, nutrition, and body experts as well as dear friends. I would highly recommend either or both of them to anyone looking to improve their life.

Alison Solomon:

A mutual friend connectedAlison me to Eric and Beth after I had expressed frustration with a nagging dance injury. At our first meeting, they spent over an hour assessing not only my injury, but my functional movement as a whole. They were extremely knowledgeable and provided valuable information and suggestions for a program that would help me regain my strength while I was still healing.

Though I have not been able to work with Eric and Beth on a regular basis, they have remained in contact with me and have been incredibly helpful whenever I have questions or am in need of treatment advice. They are wonderful people, in addition to being some of the most knowledgeable trainers that you will work with.

Yasmin Menon:

I had reached rock bottom in myYasmin3 efforts to lose weight and be fit, when Beth walked in with her weighing scale and back pack full of fitness goodies to whip me into shape. I wasn’t even sure if we’d work together but in the one hour she spent in our first introduction session, I knew she was the right gal! I had a goal in mind but also knew that owing to some specific joint issues, I would have to go slower than the usual track. However, Beth had a way of finding the most surprisingly pleasant alternative solutions to exercises which gave me the same benefit without causing any stress to my existing issues. It was great. I saw a difference within 4 sessions. Soon, I began to enjoy my sessions so much that it was not even about losing the weight as understanding form and technique and just enjoying the process of being fit.

I was never bored..Beth changed routines every single session and kept me on my toes all the time. It was interesting to see how she would quietly watch and observe how I was doing and before I knew it, the intensity had changed to a level more suited to my capacity over time! I want to mention all this because it was really important for me to find a trainer who made it all feel like fun and games and yet she was observing, calculating and planning ahead all the time and changing things for me without my being aware of it! I simply loved the 9 months we worked together and I became a true believer in home-based exercise regimens. Beth has terrific enthusiasm and energy and was an absolute pleasure to work with!