Dance Repair Shop

We began Dance Repair Shop (DRS) in the winter of 2013 in response to the lack of comprehensive care for dancers that results in unusually high injury rates and shortened careers. By bridging the gap between cutting edge Performance Enhancement protocols, Dance Medicine & Science research, and traditional training practices, we aim to help change the way the dance industry perceives dance training and training to dance.

In an effort to significantly reduce injury rates, improve physical and aesthetic performance, and extend the life of dancers’ careers we combine hands-on movement analyses and injury risk screening with customized performance enhancement programs tailored to the physical demands of individual dancers. To accomplish this, we have opened up our private training practice to pilot a small program where we work (primarily) with injured dancers; committing several pro-bono hours per week to those most in need.

We have worked with dancers from the following companies, institutions and productions:
Dance Repair Shop Bergmann Fitness Photo 1
Rioult Dance NY
Sleep No More: NYC
Twyla Tharp Dance
Cirque du Soleil
Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal
Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet
Beautiful: The Carole King Musical
Phantom Limb
The Metropolitan Opera Ballet
The Juilliard School
Groundworks Dance Theater
Paul Taylor Dance Theater

In the near future we hope to also provide scientifically informed, evidence based injury prevention and performance enhancement seminars, webinars, online resources, and teaching tools to the dance community at large.

Bergmann Fitness Dance Repair Shop Photo 2If you are a professional dancer, choreographer or dance instructor currently employed by a dance company, dance institution or accredited dance program; a freelance dancer or choreographer who can provide documentation that you are actively performing and/or choreographing in a professional capacity; or a pre-professional dance student who is currently enrolled in a dance institution or training at an accredited dance program (must be 18+ years old) and would like to learn more about receiving services (or just want to know more about DRS in general) please contact us HERE.