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Mr and Mrs ForksNutrition is an integral part of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. As such it demands our attention, but should not be allowed to overwhelm us.

We see false narratives in both media and research everyday. Nutrition feels complicated because of the disparity between the messages we hear and what actually works. Eating in a fashion that allows us to reach our goals is typically incredibly simple (though not always easy). The focus of our coaching is to make it as easy as possible.

We like to remember the following at all times:

Food represents much more than just nutrients that we put into our body —
success with nutrition requires honoring this fact.

Nutrition should not be allowed to become a comic book:
There are no superfoods. There are no evil foods.

Nutrition should not be allowed to become a cult:
Kale is neither manna from the heavens nor the root of all cruciferous evil; it’s just kale.

Success with nutrition does not hinge on willpower.
It hinges on knowledge, preparation, and self-awareness.


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