Most diets fail for one of three reasons:
Crap Now Low Fat

  • Unrealistic food choices.
    ( peace out, carbs; I never really liked you anyway )

  • Excessive focus on WHAT to eat; limited focus on HOW to eat.
    ( you know, like trying to learn how to drive by going to a car dealership )

  • Extreme eating habits that require tons of willpower.
    ( setting you up to regain the weight you lost — maybe more than you lost )

But there’s good news. Bergmann Fitness has been partnering with Precision Nutrition to cut through the wasteland of fads and junk diets, bringing lasting change to tens of thousands of people just like you. And we have a secret weapon…

Enter ProCoach:

ProCoach is the proprietary software that has helped improve the lives of millions of people worldwide.

This online platform creates nutrition programs customized to your unique profile while still providing access and interaction with an experienced nutrition coach, whether you’re in NYC or Zimbabwe.

If you’re new to dieting, have been through it all, or are just trying to lose the last few pounds this program will help you make the changes you desire.

Who is this program NOT for?

  • You may be someone who wantsConfused Baby a more personal touch and feels better about meeting your coach face to face.
    ( If so, our in person nutrition coaching may be more your speed )

  • You may be looking for a crash diet that will take you from zero to hero over the weekend.
    ( If so, that’s cool. Feel free to come back. We’ll pick you up when you’re ready to make lasting changes )

  • You have a condition that requires your diet to be overseen by a dietician trained in medical nutrition.

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