Looking back, looking forward.

Beth and Eric Engaged With 2013 rapidly coming to a close, we have so much to look back on and be proud of, as well as some things we’d like to improve on.

We entered into some exciting projects earlier this year, including our fledgling Dance Repair Shop program. However, when we think back on 2013 we will inevitably remember it as the year we (finally) got engaged.

In light of our future together, and in the vein of things we’re looking to improve, we’ve decided to re-brand the company.

As you have probably already guessed, we’ll be moving forward under the Bergmann Fitness banner (because if Beth is willing to deal with the Social Security Office and DMV to change her name, re-branding the company is nothing).

We’ll be using the new name and website as an opportunity to put all of our articles in one place and to deliver information to you in a sleek new package. This new vehicle will allow us to consolidate our efforts and to get better fitness and training information to you, faster.

If you’d like to get notifications when we publish awesome new articles and content for the website (this is the only thing we will use your information for), please sign up for the newsletter.

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